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The Right Track - Final Show!!!

This is it....the Final Show of the Year!!

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The Right Track - 4/28/2008

Tonight's show was fantastic! We welcomed Nick Manning and his cousin Bruce onto the show, as well as the regulars Lydia and Robert.

The second half of the show featured none other than Grover Norquist!

Tune in next week as Nick comes into the studios to co-host the show!

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The Right Track - 4/21/2008

Today we spoke with Lydia and Robert and discussed how their new offices have been treating them, as well as entertained a few phone calls. We then welcomed Lynn Jenkins onto the program to talk about her current campaign for the US Congress in the upcoming election.

Next week: Grover Norquist!

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The Right Track - 4/7/2008

Today we welcomed a new addition to the team, Robert Swift, this year's Student Body Vice President, and we were glad to hear a familiar voice, that of Lydia Peele, the Student Body President. Then, the second half of the show was devoted to picking Gregg Jackson's brain on this year's election. It was very informative and, as always, it was great to talk to Gregg, a dear friend of the show.

No show next week! We'll see you in a couple weeks!

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Samantha Taylor Cries to Geraldo Rivera

I am sitting here at the station watching Fox News, and I'm trying not to laugh at a 15 year old girl crying on national television. "Geraldo at Large" had Samantha Taylor and her attorney on tonight. Taylor is the girl in Arizona who was involved in a school bus brawl, and has now been charged with a crime that could land her in juvenile detention for six months. Geraldo obviously snagged this story as a hard hitting one, and had the young girl on his show. Apparently, Taylor won't apologize to the school bus driver for what happened, and Geraldo felt it his job to parent her on national television. The result? A crying 15 year old girl saying "I have no friends" for the whole country to see...It was great television, but for a moment I thought I was watching the Comedy Channel. And to add to it, her attorney was wearing a "Fender" guitar shirt, looking, well, like a stereotypical Hollywood lawyer.

Oh, Geraldo. You're the man.

This story is from a few days ago. I'll try to find some video of Taylor crying.

Tune into tomorrow's show as we're going to have Gregg Jackson on. Jackson is a dear friend of the show, and he recently took some action toward the "No Mitt Campaign." We'll talk to him about that as well as some other issues...Perhaps a city-wide smoking ban and even the issue of concealed carry here at KSU. Tune in...we may not bring a teenage girl to tears, but heck, we'll try.